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What forms can the medication be made into?
Capsules - Medication can be compounded into individually customized capsule form to provide an alternate strength, combine multiple medications into a single dosage, or when a delayed-release formula is in order.

Lozenges & Troches - Lozenges or troches are a popular dosage form used to keep drugs in the mouth when local action is needed there. They also can be placed under the tongue and allowed to dissolve so the medication enters the bloodstream quickly and easily. Lozenges and troches can be enhanced with natural sweeteners and pleasant-tasting flavors, making them ideal for geriatric and pediatric patients.

Unique Oral Delivery Systems – From newborns to seniors, many patients often have a difficult time taking medicine. We offer a number of dosage forms that allow medication to be more easily administered.

Some examples include:
• Medicated, flavored lollipops
• Frozen popsicles
• Chewable "gummy" treats
• Baby pacifiers
• Baby bottles
• Mouthwash

Powder Insufflators - Insufflators are used to apply an extremely fine dry powder to the nose, throat, ears or other body cavities, or topically for wounds. By squeezing a bulb, a patient can direct a powdered medication through a nozzle for direct application. Dry powder insufflators offer rapid onset of treatment, and can minimize adverse reactions by releasing small, accurate dosages. They are often used in the treatment of earaches.

Suppositories - Patients who cannot take medications orally are prime candidates for compounded suppositories. Available in various shapes depending on administration, suppositories can be given rectally, vaginally or urethrally. By melting or dissolving into the body cavity, they pass quickly into the bloodstream. They can be used for delayed-release medications, hormone replacement therapy, or to treat local conditions such as nausea, hemorrhoids, infections or inflammation.
Suspensions - Many medications are not available in liquid forms for those patients who have difficulty swallowing tablets and capsules. Other patients may have problems tolerating the taste of a commercially available liquid. Through compounding, a pharmacist can make a naturally sweetened, pleasant-tasting oral solution or suspension that can be administered easily and accurately.

Topicals – Transdermal methods of delivery also are widely used to allow the absorption of medicine directly through the skin. Frequently, transdermal medications are prescribed for pain management, inflammation and nausea/vomiting. In many cases, transdermals are used to help avoid potential side effects such as stomach upset or drowsiness.

Topical applications include:
• Creams
• Gels
• Lotions
• Lip balms
• Ointments
• Sprays
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What flavors can the medication be made into?
Medicine doesn’t have to taste bad.

While taking medicine is rarely a pleasurable experience, we can compound a prescription in flavor that anyone can tolerate. Children will often happily take their medication if it tastes good. Adults battling a chronic illness who are particularly sensitive to bitter or sweet flavors can more easily tolerate flavors that are sour or salty. Each patient is unique so we offer dozens of flavor options to suit every palette.

Animals need flavored medicines too.
Giving an animal medication is difficult enough. We can flavor the medication so the animal no longer associates the medication as a foreign object, but thinks it is food. Whether it be tuna pastes for cats, fish, liver, beef, chicken, peanut butter, or liver flavor for dogs, or grape or tutti-frutti flavored drops for exotic birds- we have the flavor your pet will love.

Ask your physician or vet about flavored medications. There's no guarantee we can make taking medicine fun, but we can make it taste better.

Sample flavors