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1) Why would I want/need to have a prescription compounded?
2) What kinds of prescriptions can be compounded?
3) Is compounding expensive?
4) Is compounding legal? Is it safe?
5) Is a compounded prescription covered by my insurance company?
6) Do I need to have a doctor's prescription to change the dosage form on my current medication?
7) Do you provide delivery service?
8) Can you make a compound from a medication I already have?
9) Do you fill non-compounded (commercially manufactured) prescriptions?
10) Are compounded prescriptions approved by the FDA?
11) Do you compound prescriptions for animals and for humans?
12) How long does it take to get my prescription?
13) Can I get my compounded prescription filled at any pharmacy?
14) Can my child (or my elderly parent) take compounded medication?
15) Does my doctor know about compounding?
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Store hours: Mon Fri. 9 am - 6 pm and Sat. by appt.
Email: info@custommedicine.com
Discuss the possibility of having Custom Medicine compound a therapy with your physician. Or, we can contact him or her on your behalf and work together to develop a treatment plan tailored to fit your body and your lifestyle.
Is custom compounding right for you?
Ask your physician or pharmacist today about the benefits of personalized prescription compounding.
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