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Nail Fungus
Nail Fungus can be a result of any number of circumstances. Trauma, prolonged wetness or athlete’s foot can breach an intact nail, or acrylic nails can allow the fungus to be come trapped next to the natural nail.

Most prescription topical nail fungal remedies have reported poor cure rates and require 6-12 months of use. The other standard is an oral medication which is both expensive and may be potentially dangerous to the liver.

Custom Medicine offers a compounded prescription medication that may overcome these problems. We can create a topical treatment that has superior nail penetration and it is able to deliver an antifungal to the site of infection.

Just one bottle contains enough to apply to 1 nail twice daily for 3 months. The cost is far less than the commercially available prescriptions and the results will astound you.
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Discuss the possibility of having Custom Medicine compound a therapy with your physician. Or, we can contact him or her on your behalf and work together to develop a treatment plan tailored to fit your body and your lifestyle.