1. Information – Custom Medicine Pharmacenter offers a number of resources including bestselling books by BHRT experts such as Drs. Jonathan V. Wright, Susan Rako, Eugene Shippen, Christiane Northrup and John R. Lee. Also, Suzanne Somers speaks to these issues in her book, “The Sexy Years”. We frequently offer seminars which provide an indepth review of the BHRT.

2. Hormone Evaluation – BHRT does not have a “standard dose” and must be customized to each woman. Your current hormone levels are evaluated through either a blood serum test ordered by a physician, or you may choose to conduct a saliva test yourself.

3. Consultation - BHRT needs to be carefully initiated after your personal history, family history, and current medical situation and symptoms are reviewed. We offer private consultations to help answer any questions and review the therapy program with you.

4. Prescription – Based on your symptoms and/or lab results, your clinician will prescribe your specific therapy. Custom Medicine will formulate your prescription in one of many dosage forms, including capsules, sublingual tablets, creams, gels and vaginal suppositories.

5. Ongoing evaluation – In order to achieve true hormonal balance, our pharmacists will work in conjunction with you and your clinician to evaluate your hormone levels and see how you are feeling. If necessary, we will modify your therapy at any time.